If you’re heading to Mukteshwar for a vacation, then you have come to the right place. Mukteshwar is a hill station that is known for its charm. It manages to captivate people with its stunning tourist attractions. The palace with its pleasant climate is one of the best places to visit if you wish to have a relaxing vacation. If you’re planning your itinerary, then you can read this article to learn about the tourist attractions in Mukteshwar that you must go to during your vacation.

  • Mukteshwar Dham

If you are deeply religious, then you must start your trip by visiting Mukteshwar Dham. It is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. You can start your trip by taking god’s blessing. That will ensure that you enjoy and stay safe during your trip. Whether you’re a devotee or a tourist, Mukteshwar Dham should be on your list of places to visit, because not only does it have spiritual significance, but it also tells a lot about our history. Therefore, it can prove to be a learning and eye-opening experience for you.

  • Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow

Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow is one of the most stunning tourist attractions in Uttarakhand, built during the colonial era. It gives people a glimpse of the British era in India. Since it is situated in an elevated area, it gives a gorgeous view of the Himalayas that will leave you spellbound. This bungalow is situated in a very peaceful location in Mukteshwar. Therefore, you will be able to relax and be able to connect with nature like never before. If you’re into photography, this place is going to be the answer to your dreams.

  • Jain Mandir

If you’re Jain, then Jain Mandir will be nothing less than a paradise for you. This mandir is very old, therefore it holds a lot of historical significance. You can make out and learn a lot about the past by seeing and learning about the architectural elements and styles used to design this temple. Apart from this, this temple is a gorgeous building and you must visit this temple and pay your respects to god.

  • Nanda Devi Peak

If you visit the Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow, you will get a glimpse of the Nanda Devi Peak, which happens to be the second-highest mountain in the world. You will be able to get a 180-degree view of this peak, and that will leave you stunned. Taking in the magnificence of the second-highest peak in the world by seeing its view is not something that everyone gets to do. So, make sure that when you visit Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow, you have a view at this peak as it will remain the dairy of your most unforgettable moments.

  • Ramgarh

If you have taken this vacation relax and clear your mind, then Ramgarh will prove to be the perfect place for you to do just that. If you go to this place during the spring, your soul will become alive seeing the orchards fully blooming around you. This place is filled with apples, apricots and peach trees. You can go for long walks in this area to clear your mind and appreciate nature even more. If you’re a writer, then this place is going to be one of those places where you can write a masterpiece. Renowned authors like Rabindranath Tagore lived and adored this place. He wrote and structured most of his writing pieces at this location.

  • Nathuakhan

Nathuakhan is a very small community near Mukteshwar which attracts tourists with its mesmerizing and captivating beauty. If you have aesthetic sensibilities and love to be in places that arouse that side of you, then visiting Natuakhan should be on your to-do list. It has a very aesthetic appeal and it also offers a stunning view of the Himalayas. Therefore, you can enjoy a very beautiful at this place with your partner or your family. It will make you forget all about the hustle-bustle of modern cities and help you enjoy the fresh air and the scenic beauty.

  • Peora

Peora is one of the most isolated villages in Uttarakhand. The lack of popularity and commercialisation makes it one of the most relaxing and calming places in the world. It is also known as the fruit basket of Uttarakhand. The scenic landscapes and the stunning beauty of this place with leave you spellbound. It is an ideal location for writers and artists and can also prove to be a place for their inspiration.

So, these are all tourist attractions in and around Mukteshwar. You will be able to immerse yourself in nature and be able to appreciate its existence. Voting for Mukteshwar will prove to be an ideal and unforgettable experience for you and will change the way you look at life. You can search for boutique resorts in Mukteshwar if you’re finding places for your stay.