On this Dussehra liberate yourself from ten evils Kama (lust), Kaam (Lust), Mada (Pride), Ahamkara (Ego), Moha (Attachment to possessions), Lobha (Greed), Krodh (Anger), Maatsarya (Envy), Jaddata (Insensitive), Ghrina (Hatred) and Bhaya (Fear).

Where better you can seek Moksha (liberation), place where Lord Shiva reside, it is Mukteshwar Dham. According to Puranas, it is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva killed a demon and gave him Mukti. According to Rig Veda, Shiva is the God who grants eternal Mokshya.

त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धंपुष्टिवर्धनम्

उवाधरुकष्टमव बधनान्मृत्योमुधक्षीय माऽमृतात्।

Lord Shiva nourishes and nurtures all living beings and he is the one who liberate us from death. Mukteshwar Dham is a 350-year-old temple located at Mukteshwar. Temple enshrines a white marble Shiva Linga, a flight of stone stairs leads devotees to the main shrine. The stone stairs lead you to the deity’s abode. Apart from the sacred Shiva Lingam, it also houses idols of other deities like Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and consort of Goddess Parvati. Having Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh here makes the temple even more sacred where we can seek relief from the cycle of birth and death. The whole temple is surrounded by offered chunri and lots of small bells to fulfil wishes of devotees. A monolithic wand (Akhand Dhuna) is also ignited continuously in the temple.

You can view the splendid snow-covered mountains of the great Himalayan range including Nandakot, Nanda Ghunti, Trishul and Nanda Devi which is India’s second-highest peak. Mukteshwar Mahadev temple is adjacent to Chauli ki jali (another famous tourist spot and religious important place, situated behind the Mukteshwar temple). This is the best hill station for people who like peace, silence and solitude.

Mukteshwar Treat Resort

With onset of Autum this beautiful month October is here when even leaves become flowers. Come experience the imperial and glorious range of the Himalayas and other Sightseeing in Mukesthwar at this time of the year. Every morning is breathtaking in here as you experience sight of majestic Shivalik peaks standing tall as our guardians. Mukteshwar is a place blanketed with thick forest of Rhododendron, Deodar and Oak trees with ground adorned by countless acorns. There are 35 species of Oaks in the Himalayas, and 5 of these dominate the Kumaon region. Of these, Kharsu is characteristic – with its small, thick leaves and peeling, reddish-brown bark.

Other than these you will also see the following:

Alder trees are here, you know these trees talk to each other, they foster rich fungal networks below the ground. These trees have small brownish cones and tassle-like flowers.

You will also experience Vicks plant here, break off the branch of Long-leaved dogwood (Swida oblonga) and smell it, and you will instantly recognise the smell to that of Vicks Vaporub.

Autum time you will also experience Mehul branches heavy with fruits these are called Himalyan wild pear, it is favourite of local farmers and is used in several local culinary preparations.

Late October and November you will see beautiful bright red cherries of Viburnum mullaha or Mahelo stand out in the forest. These are favourite of animals and birds. These berries are also edible and known as ‘Indian cranberry’.

The Himalayan dogwood or Bhamor is so much more than a pretty flower. Found in moist forests and along streams, Bhamor fruits are called Himalayan strawberries – red, sweet and edible they are a favourite of bears and birds. The flowers bloom in summer (June-July) and fruits ripen in late Autumn (around October-November).

Kilmora or Indian Barberry (Berberis aristata) and it is Himalayan superfood in its own right! Its deep blue-purple edible berries ripen in mid-summer and are tart and filled with antioxidants and vitamins. Called Daruhaldi (tree turmeric) in Sanskrit, its bark and roots are prized as a traditional cure for diabetes and rheumatism. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

When you will venture on long walks through these mountains, you will encounter delightful sights of birds like Thrushes, Swallows, Woodpeckers and Bulbuls adding to the symphony of nature. You will also come across birds like Munia, Crested Serpent Eagle which fly in pair, mountain hawk, etc. With September (Butterfly month) just gone by you can encounter different beautiful butterflies as you take a walk. Butterflies like Constable (Dichorrhagia nesimachus), Blue Tailed Jester, purple sapphire, Sorrel Sapphire, Spangled Swallowtail, Campylotes histrionicus, Common Peacock (Papilio bianor) etc are found here.

Nature listens and heals here in Mukteshwar you just have to experience mindful living here. So come and sip flower-based drink, bask in the warmth of Sun, experience glorious Himalayas and stargaze in Kumaon Hills counting the shooting stars as they emerge.

If you’re heading to Mukteshwar for a vacation, then you have come to the right place. Mukteshwar is a hill station that is known for its charm. It manages to captivate people with its stunning tourist attractions. The palace with its pleasant climate is one of the best places to visit if you wish to have a relaxing vacation. If you’re planning your itinerary, then you can read this article to learn about the tourist attractions in Mukteshwar that you must go to during your vacation.

  • Mukteshwar Dham

If you are deeply religious, then you must start your trip by visiting Mukteshwar Dham. It is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. You can start your trip by taking god’s blessing. That will ensure that you enjoy and stay safe during your trip. Whether you’re a devotee or a tourist, Mukteshwar Dham should be on your list of places to visit, because not only does it have spiritual significance, but it also tells a lot about our history. Therefore, it can prove to be a learning and eye-opening experience for you.

  • Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow

Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow is one of the most stunning tourist attractions in Uttarakhand, built during the colonial era. It gives people a glimpse of the British era in India. Since it is situated in an elevated area, it gives a gorgeous view of the Himalayas that will leave you spellbound. This bungalow is situated in a very peaceful location in Mukteshwar. Therefore, you will be able to relax and be able to connect with nature like never before. If you’re into photography, this place is going to be the answer to your dreams.

  • Jain Mandir

If you’re Jain, then Jain Mandir will be nothing less than a paradise for you. This mandir is very old, therefore it holds a lot of historical significance. You can make out and learn a lot about the past by seeing and learning about the architectural elements and styles used to design this temple. Apart from this, this temple is a gorgeous building and you must visit this temple and pay your respects to god.

  • Nanda Devi Peak

If you visit the Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow, you will get a glimpse of the Nanda Devi Peak, which happens to be the second-highest mountain in the world. You will be able to get a 180-degree view of this peak, and that will leave you stunned. Taking in the magnificence of the second-highest peak in the world by seeing its view is not something that everyone gets to do. So, make sure that when you visit Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow, you have a view at this peak as it will remain the dairy of your most unforgettable moments.

  • Ramgarh

If you have taken this vacation relax and clear your mind, then Ramgarh will prove to be the perfect place for you to do just that. If you go to this place during the spring, your soul will become alive seeing the orchards fully blooming around you. This place is filled with apples, apricots and peach trees. You can go for long walks in this area to clear your mind and appreciate nature even more. If you’re a writer, then this place is going to be one of those places where you can write a masterpiece. Renowned authors like Rabindranath Tagore lived and adored this place. He wrote and structured most of his writing pieces at this location.

  • Nathuakhan

Nathuakhan is a very small community near Mukteshwar which attracts tourists with its mesmerizing and captivating beauty. If you have aesthetic sensibilities and love to be in places that arouse that side of you, then visiting Natuakhan should be on your to-do list. It has a very aesthetic appeal and it also offers a stunning view of the Himalayas. Therefore, you can enjoy a very beautiful at this place with your partner or your family. It will make you forget all about the hustle-bustle of modern cities and help you enjoy the fresh air and the scenic beauty.

  • Peora

Peora is one of the most isolated villages in Uttarakhand. The lack of popularity and commercialisation makes it one of the most relaxing and calming places in the world. It is also known as the fruit basket of Uttarakhand. The scenic landscapes and the stunning beauty of this place with leave you spellbound. It is an ideal location for writers and artists and can also prove to be a place for their inspiration.

So, these are all tourist attractions in and around Mukteshwar. You will be able to immerse yourself in nature and be able to appreciate its existence. Voting for Mukteshwar will prove to be an ideal and unforgettable experience for you and will change the way you look at life. You can search for boutique resorts in Mukteshwar if you’re finding places for your stay.

Mukteshwar is a peaceful and scenic location that offers an excellent fusion of natural beauty, tranquilly, and adventure. It is nestled among the fascinating Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand. Every traveller will find something to enjoy in this hill resort, from breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayas to lush green woods. This blog will detail Mukteshwar’s hotels, resorts, and top tourist attractions to ensure you have an unforgettable trip there.

Mukteshwar Treat Resort:

It is situated on Mukteshwar’s top and looks down into the breathtaking valley. We are situated where the road extends to a point where there is no further up, just a few kilometres from the primary market. This is Mukteshwar’s tallest peak. Soak in serene ambiance of the place and feel connected with the nature. Enjoy amazing amenities and facilities at the resort, helpful and courteous staff who are completely dedicated to serving their guests with utmost humility. Strike a conversation with them and they’ll be happy to tell what living in the heavens is like.

The genuine friendliness of the locals is well-known, and they will go above and beyond to meet the demands of adventurous tourists. They’ll be happy to take the visitors on a nature walk or show them attractive areas of Mukteshwar that travel tourists see. You would like to visit again for the Mukteshwar Hotels and Resorts for all of these amenities and the breathtaking view it gives its visitors.

Mouth-watering Food- Indulge in a mesmerising culinary journey at Diner, where the allure of our popular food and restaurant awaits. Our dishes are an artistic blend of local flavours and regional delicacies from across India, preserving the essence of each dish with a unique touch.

Well-Appointed Rooms- Mukteshwar Treat Resort offers 14 rooms with direct Himalayan views, elegantly furnished with top-notch contemporary amenities. Each room boasts a front balcony, inviting guests to experience nature’s pure beauty, find inner peace, and self-realization. The breathtaking early morning and late evening views, coupled with room-dining services, create a transformative and awe-inspiring experience.

The Best Locations in Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar Dham: Shiva’s Divine Holy Shrine. It is situated in the Himalayas’ beautiful and tranquil mountains. Lakhs of people go to this place of devotion during holidays like Shivratri. The temple is situated in a lovely area. Great views can be seen from behind the temple, and tall woods surround it. There are steps to climb to get to the temple.

Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow: Mukteshwar offers a variety of attractions; the Inspection Bungalow and the little area of open space in front of it are the natural highlights. It is the ideal location to view sunrise and sunset in the middle of the tremendous Himalayan peaks. You might spend the entire day exploring the bungalow’s gardens.

Temple of Brahmeswar: In India, Brahmeswara Temple is the best place to visit in Mukteshwar to experience spiritual power. One of Mukteshwar’s oldest temples is situated on a mountaintop.

Jain Mandir Mukteshwar: The first Digambar Jain Temple is situated in Uttarakhand’s Nainital District, just before the snow-capped Mukteshwar Himalayan peak. The Om Parvat, Nanda Devi Parvat, Badrinath, Kedarnath, and Kailash Parvat ranges may all be seen from this temple. Being the earliest Jain temple in the Himalayan region, it is also known as Ashtapada. All year round, the temple experiences chilly temperatures.

Nanda Devi Peak: The Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow offers a glimpse of Nanda Devi Mountain, the second-highest mountain in the world. The vista is breathtaking and something you’ll never forget. A 180° perspective of the Himalayan Range is provided by Mukteshwar, allowing one to appreciate this peak’s beauty. The sight of the snow-covered mountain is such a magnificent moment that you will remember it forever.

Ramgarh: A tiny town, it is a popular destination for those who wish to relax amidst orchards. The town, which served as a cantonment during British rule, is split into the top Malla Ramgarh region and the lower Talla Ramgarh district. The town’s principal orchard attractions include apple, apricot, and peach trees. Renowned authors like Padma Vibhushan Mahadevi Verma, Narayan Swami, and Rabindranath Tagore lived in the little village.

Nathuakhan: A small, isolated community in the Kumaon highlands near Mukteshwar that attracts tourists with its breathtaking natural beauty. A clear view of the stunning Himalayan Mountains and walking through kaphal, oak, and pine forests. A tiny country club made of stone and wood is also present in the village, enhancing the surroundings’ aesthetic appeal.

Peora: The fruit basket of Uttarakhand is Peora, which can be found in the Kosyakutoli Tehsil of the Nainital district. The Himalayan Mountain ranges are wonderfully visible from this eco-tourism location. Sal, pine, oak, burns, Raphael, and rhododendron trees cover the entire community. Trekking, exploring wildlife, and bird watching are three of the most common leisure activities in Peora.

A beautiful fusion of tranquilly, adventure, and natural beauty can be found at Mukteshwar. You may discover a wonderful place to stay from various hotels and resorts to fit your interests. Discover the top Mukteshwar attractions and experience the tranquil surroundings, rich cultural history, and welcoming residents of this alluring hill station.

Mukteshwar, nestled in the Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand, is a serene and picturesque hill station. Surrounded by lush forests and offering panoramic views of the majestic Himalayas, it is a haven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The town is also known for its ancient temples and orchards, adding to its charm.

Things to look out for in Resorts

Mukteshwar is a gorgeous place, but there are more things to look forward to than just roaming. Mukteshwar Hotels and Resorts ensure that their guest enjoys their stay. If you’re fond of experiencing luxury and comfort, this article is for you. Read on to know why vacationing here is a great idea.

Lip-smacking food

If you stay in resorts and hotels, you will eat the most delicious food your taste buds will thank you for such a unique experience. The aroma and the taste of the food will make you fall in love with eating all over again. You will not be able to stop, even when you’re full. Food will be enough to keep you entertained throughout your stay since you will have so many options. People say good food makes everything alright. You should head to Mukteshwar to find out if it is true.

In house restaurant

Do you want a lazy vacation? The resorts in Mukteshwar will give you just that. You do not have to worry about eating food from outside or going far off to enjoy a good ambiance. Resorts have an in-house restaurant where you can enjoy the ambiance and the excellent service. The hospitality shown by the natives will make you feel comfortable and give you a homely feeling. You might even make a ton of friends. So, even if you are an introvert, Mukteshwar will become one of your favorite places to visit.


Mukteshwar is known for its rich culture and heritage and has some beautiful places that will leave you stunned. Mukteshwar Dham is a temple you must visit, from where the town gets its name. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple will make you feel calm and peaceful while you pray, as it is situated in a peaceful area filled with greenery. Visiting the temple will prove to be a good omen for the rest of your trip. You can seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and then proceed further. If waterfalls excite you, then Balugarh waterfalls are one of the most stunning forms of nature. The rush of the water and the gorgeous surroundings will make you appreciate nature even more. You don’t have to worry about exploring these places alone since Resorts in Mukteshwar offer local sightseeing services. The resorts also do nature tracking to give you an idea of the animals around.

Adventure activities you must try out while in Mukteshwar

Trekking: Mukteshwar offers several scenic trails that are perfect for trekking enthusiasts. One popular trek is the Mukteshwar-Thanedar Trek, which takes you through lush forests, and quaint villages, and offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks.

Paragliding: Experience the thrill of flying like a bird with paragliding in Mukteshwar. Soar above the stunning landscapes, valleys, and forests as you enjoy panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains. There are trained instructors available to ensure your safety during the activity.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling: Challenge yourself with rock climbing and rappelling adventures in Mukteshwar. The region has plenty of natural rock faces and cliffs suitable for both beginners and experienced climbers. With the help of professional guides, you can scale the heights and descend through exhilarating rappelling sessions.

Mountain Biking: Rent a mountain bike and explore the picturesque trails around Mukteshwar. Ride through dense forests, charming villages, and undulating terrains as you soak in the beautiful surroundings. This activity is not only adventurous but also allows you to enjoy the tranquility of the area.

Camping: Mukteshwar is an excellent place for camping amidst nature. Set up a campsite in the scenic locations and spend a night under the starry sky. The peaceful atmosphere and serene surroundings make camping in Mukteshwar a delightful adventure. Himalayan View Resort can be the place for your stay, as it will provide you with the best services and amenities. Book a room in advance and get ready to soak in nature’s irresistible beauty!



The pristine, calm hill station of Mukteshwar is a primary tourist destination for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies from all over the globe. A treasure trove of natural beauty and a lot of excitement, Mukteshwar is easily one of the most fun places to be this summer. Apart from the usual tourist activities like sightseeing and visiting the different destinations in the town, you can have the time of your life while indulging in exhilarating and adventurous activities in Mukteshwar. 

Your trip starts with mesmerizing visuals of the mountainous terrain. An abundance of natural beauty that is yet untouched by consumerism greets you as you enter the “abode of gods”. Each day of your vacation is packed with newer locations to visit, explorations to make, and something fresh to feel inspired by. Add to that the thrill of trekking in Mukteshwar or hiking through the rugged topography and more and you will have the best trip of your lifetime. Wondering what are some of the most exciting and enthralling things waiting for you at Mukteshwar? Here is everything that you need to know.


Take  A Breath Of Fresh Air As You Trek Along The Mountain Path: 

A vacation is a perfect opportunity to escape from your fast, urban life and take a step back to relax. And what can be more fun than marvelling at the splendour of nature while you trek to some of the most enchanting spots in the state of Uttarakhand? Trekking in Mukteshwar is truly a life-changing experience. The gurgling streams and small waterfalls coming along the slopes of the mountain will keep you company as you make your journey to the top and back.

The hiking trails are categorised into easy, medium, and difficult, and you can make your choice depending on your expertise. The biggest advantage of trekking in Mukteshwar is that you do not even need a local guide for the easier routesas you enjoy unlimited solitude. Some of the most popular trekking routes include the Peora to Almora and Peora to Mukteshwar trails. What’s more, irrespective of your travelling companions, this is one activity that is equally fun for all age groups– whether you are travelling with your family, friend, partner, or alone!

Rock Climbing And Rappelling For The Bravest Of The Hearts: 

If you are looking for something more challenging and physically challenging than trekking or hiking, then you will be happy to know that the adventure activities in Mukteshwar have something very exciting just for you!

Rock climbing on the cliffs and the lofty rocks not only ensures your quota of thrill but is also extremely rewarding at the end. The topography and the terrain of this hill station in Uttarakhand make for the best rock climbing and rappelling experience ever. If you are a novice or a beginner, you can take professional help and only scale the easiest of the cliffs. And if you are a seasoned mountain climber or rappeler, then there is plenty for you to explore. Get your gear and get ready to make your way up to the top of the precarious cliffs and rocks to enjoy a spectacular view of the mountain-lined skyline. This particular adventure activity in Mukteshwar is also a great chance for you to feel confident and for some successful soul searching.

Soak in the Stunning Beauty of Mukteshwar

Trekking in Mukteshwar is a great way of spending your time during your vacation and soak in its mesmerising beauty. You can obviously visit the best viewing points and the tourist attractions in Mukteshwar. Watch the sky taking an amber hue as the sun gets ready to set at the horizon. Welcome the darkness of star-studded sky which is sure to leave an indelible imprint on your mind.

If you are an adrenaline-junkie, there is no dearth of adventure activities in Mukteshwar. Take a ride to the revered Mukteshwar Dham Temple and then trek the rest of the route to reach Chauli Ki Jali, only a short distance away. The view of the valleys and the mountain that you can witness from this vantage point is bound to blow your mind and leave you at a loss for words. You could also ride up your vehicle to other prominent locations in the stations like the Mukteshwar View Point or take a trip to the Dhanachuli Bend to catch the first rays of the sun shining on the Nanda Devi peak!


Make The Most Of Your Trip With Adventure Activities In Mukteshwar: 

The hill station of Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand or Devbhoomi is ready to welcome you with its cosy and comfortable climate, the enchanting bounty of nature, and a lot of thrill, fun, and excitement. You can go trekking in Mukteshwar, visit some of the most charming locations in the town, or challenge yourself with high-strung rock climbing sessions. If you are all set for the best vacation ever, make your plans for a visit to Mukteshwar today!